Why Early Childhood Education Is Important?

August 5, 2021

Early childhood education aims at various learning aspects of children learning from birth up to age 8. These early years are the most crucial years of a child’s life. All positive learning experiences children gather in these years nurture their mental growth while being beneficial in social skill development. These learning experiences develop the interests that will stay with them throughout life.

Main focus

Here, the focus is not just about teaching a child basic learning skills but also developing social and emotional skills.

Early childhood education is based on literacy development, emotional development, social interaction, and physical development.

Literacy development

Literacy development is crucial for children’s overall learning and growth. It involves reading, writing, communicating and socialising.

Why is reading an important part of Literacy Development?
What can I do as a Parent?
Choosing Animated Books for Children

Animated books provide a fun and more engaging way of reading to children. Playful reading with animated books will make reading an enjoyable experience for children.

Well-designed animated books engage children in learning and effectively enhance their thinking capabilities.


As we know, during the pandemic most affected are the pre-primary school kids who cannot attend schools due to lockdowns and learning is mainly shifted towards remote learning.

Early childhood educators now face the challenge of how to mitigate the effects this pandemic has had on education of young children. Good animated books for reading provide teachers an opportunity to make reading more playful and fun for children. Animated books or read-along books can play an important role for Preschool and pre-primary kids who can enjoy reading in a different and fun way.

BY: Sufia Nasir

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